Page 95

Date Posted: 18/1/2018

I got this entire page done and then my friends were like "hey that panel looks like the attack on titan thing" and I wanted to die because I didn't notice first. I JUST WANTED TO DO MY COOL TALL PANEL BAWWW

That said, ohcorny (whomst makes Never Satisfied, which you should read) got me the best one with "On that day, humanity received a grim reaper"

And of course, page 96 is on Patreon for $2+ patrons right meow!

Edit: typo repaired, nobody saw that (except the people that saw that) (also the site is taking forever to update so maybe you did saw that.)

Also also, today (Jan 19th) is Torei's birthday, and I... made... uh. Well, I made this. Happy birthday Torei!