Page 103

Date Posted: 4/6/2018

The end of the chapter! Whew. Been a while since I've had to put that little text in the bottom right. Beyond my art-wrangling adventures, some general style changes are gonna happen to pages going forward with the next chapter. Namely the aspect ratio. My pages have always tended to be a bit on the tall side, so I have squashed them down a touch. I'm feeling like this will allow me to do some better panel alignments without having to worry so much about filling all the vertical height in each one. 6__9

At this point I'm feeling like I've kinda figured out how I'll be inking these from here on out. This page isn't the ~most involved~ as far as backgrounds and character motions go, but I think I got just enough of both in it that I am confident in how I'm gonna go forward. I finished this one over 2 days as well! Speed excites me.

Also the thumbnail for this one was EXTRA stupid, because I lazily drew it with my mouse over roughly 8 minutes the day before TCAF, and it looks about like what you'd expect that to look like.