Avery is a headstrong albino jerk attending college on a scholarship for playing baseball with a major hot streak for starting fights. Having been disowned by her family, she takes out her frustration by projecting her saltiness onto others. She doesn't have a lot of friends.

Violet Kwan

Avery's only friend. Violet met Avery a short while after her parents kicked her out and helped her back on her feet. They've been close friends since, though Violet moms Avery a little bit. She's usually stuck rescuing people from Avery's temper tantrums.

Tia Colton

Tia is Violet's spunky track runner friend. She understands Violet's desire to help Avery, but personally avoids Avery because she thinks she's more than a little crazy.

Matt Guy

Matt is a chill guy who mostly just wants to be left alone, but is unfortunately Avery's go-to target. They fight a lot.




A crotchety old ram Seraph with a fuse that manages to be shorter than himself. Baph rescues Avery from Limbo, thereby committing to training her. They don't like each other much.


A bouncy crocodile Seraph. He tends to be quite emotional, but uses that to connect better with Guardians. Baph tends to disagree with his methods, even though they're shown to get positive results.


Often quiet and withdrawn, Torei is lauded as both the strongest and longest-serving Guardian in Heaven's history. They spend nearly all of their time dealing with demons too powerful to send average Guardians after. Their 99.9% success rate resulted in the demons giving them the nickname "Reaper"; which is super silly. And like, what's up with the goggles??